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Thiruvananthapuram District Map

Thiruvananthapuram District Map  
* Map Showing Thiruvananthapuram District

Thiruvananthapuram, the southernmost district of Kerala is flanked by Western Ghats in the east and 78 kms. of flat coastal strip in the west. The beautiful land is a veritable paradise for the tourist. The wooded highland of western Ghats are dotted with excellent picnic spots. The long shoreline is peppered with silvery beaches of international repute. The backwater stretches of the district are truly amazing.
Thiruvananthapuram district is also noted for its rich history and culture. Magnificent monuments and ancient shrines attract tourists from all over.

General Information
  Area  : 2,192 sq. kms.
  Population : 3,234,707
  Headqtrs : Thiruvananthapuram
  Tulaks : 4
  Blocks : 10
  Towns : 5
  Villages : 93
  Best Season : Sept. - May.

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