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North 24 Parganas District Map

North 24 Parganas District Map  
* Map Showing North 24 Parganas District

North 24-Parganas Facts File
Country: India
State :West Bengal
Headquarters :Barasat
Area: 4094 square kilometers
Average Rainfall: 1713.1 mm
Male Female Ratio: 1000:949
Average Temperature in Summer: 29.66 deg C
Average Temperature in Winter: 19.40 deg C
Literacy Rate: 84.95 % - Male: 88.66 %, Female: 81.05 %
Administrative division: Presidency
Density of Population: 2463 people per square kilometer
Boundaries of North 24 Parganas District
North: Nadia District, West Bengal
North and East: Bangladesh
South: South 24 Parganas District and Kolkata District, West Bengal
West: Howrah District, Kolkata District and Hooghly District, West Bengal
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North 24 Parganas District Map